Gas We Offer At Wasco

Gas We Offer And Their Uses

Argon 75% C02 25% (C25) : A 75% argon/25% carbon dioxide mix
(sometimes referred to as “C25 gas”) is very common for welding mild steel. It
produces minimal spatter and provides good arc characteristics. It also has a
good bead profile, allowing it to wash out well at the toes of the weld.

 Argon- Used primarily when welding stainless steel and aluminum, argon also
works on carbon steel with arc stability and continuous metal transfer from the
weld pool's electrode. Argon is the top choice for TIG welding and excellent
shielding gas for MIG.

 Nitrogen-Another inexpensive shielding gas, nitrogen increases weld
penetration and arc stability when mixed with other gases. These blends can
also enhance the chemical properties of alloys containing nitrogen.

 Acetylene- Relatively cheap and highly combustible, acetylene combines
with oxygen as a fuel source in specific types of welding. By producing a hot
flame, it can cut or weld most metals.

Propane-Not appropriate for gas welding, propane is used primarily for
brazing after the welding process is completed. Propane is a flammable and
combustible gas used in many applications as a fuel source.

 C02-The most common shielding gas for MIG welding, CO2 costs less
than argon but does not produce identical high-quality welds. However, when
mixed with argon, there is less spatter and better-looking welds.

Oxygen-Oxygen is typically mixed with other shielding gases because it changes
the fluidity of the molten metal. It can also speed up the welding process and
minimize spatter.

TriMix- 90% Helium-7.5% Argon-2.5 C02. This Trimix blend is widely used for short
circuiting transfer welding of stainless steel in all welding positions. The Carbon
Dioxide content is kept low to minimize carbon absorption and assure good corrosion
resistance, especially in multipass welds. The argon and carbon dioxide
additions provide good arc stability and depth fusion. The high helium content
provides significant heat input to overcome the sluggish nature of the stainless
steel weld pool.