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PrimeWeld CT520DP Wder

PrimeWeld CT520DP Wder

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The PrimeWeld CT520DP 50A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Combo is a 3-in-1 triple threat featuring TIG welding, stick welding, and a plasma cutter. This pilot arc plasma cutter and TIG/stick welder cuts and welds 1/2-inch thick steel plate. You’ll be able to cut parts quickly and easily. Switch to TIG welding by changing leads and flipping a switch. If you don’t feel like the challenge or cost of shielding gas, you have a stick arc welding on tap as well.

Affordable Versatility in a Compact Package

At the other end, this pilot arc welder gets down to 10 amps on all three processes, low enough heat to work on 24-gauge sheet metal. It’s a great machine for auto bodywork, with the ability to cut damage out, prepare replacement panels, tack them into place and then weld the seams to a beautiful finish. Preparation for paint goes much faster, lowering the costs of body repair work.

The CT-520DP offers dual-voltage input power, with the ability to run on either 120 volt or 240-volt outlets. These 3 in 1 plasma cutters with welding functions are what you need to bring versatile fabrication to your workbench. Every barn shop and racing trailer has a place for the PrimeWeld CT-520DP multi-process welder.


The pilot arc plasma cutter features high-frequency no-touch arc starts. Start your plasma cutter by simply pulling the trigger and starting the arc. Most 3 in 1 plasma cutters don’t offer no-touch arc starting or arc force control. PrimeWeld's pilot arc welder offers an ideal mix of features for under $500.

With PrimeWeld’s optional foot pedal, control the current for TIG welding and plasma cutting. The PrimeWeld CT520DP Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter and Welder is ruggedly built from the ground up to stay alive in the workshop environment.



PrimeWeld Customer Support connects you real PEOPLE, real quick. We’re easy to contact and will strive to handle any issue that comes up.

Offering excellent and knowledgeable advice, they know how to keep PrimeWeld equipment up and welding right.

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