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primeweld mig 180 Wder

primeweld mig 180 Wder

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The MIG180 180-Amp MIG Welder With Spool Gun gives you three different welding processes. Like most MIG welders, you can run flux-core wire without shielding gas using the same equipment as you do for MIG. This machine also adds aluminum welding to your shop's arsenal at the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Included Spool Gun for Aluminum Welding

The dual-voltage 120/240 volt-powered PrimeWeld MIG180 ships with its own spool gun for aluminum MIG wire. Aluminum welding wire tends to be quite soft compared to steel wire. Feeding aluminum wire the entire distance from the spool to the torch can cause kinks and jams.

This PrimeWeld 180 amp MIG welder solves the problem with a special gun that replaces the standard MIG torch. The spool gun holds a spool of wire close to the torch end, so it only feeds for a few inches instead of 12 feet or more. The result is a smooth, reliable aluminum wire feed that makes your job easier, which will likely increase the quality of your work.


For long runs like welding quarter panels or floors into auto bodies, the PrimeWeld MIG180 features a 2T/4T trigger lock. The 2T/4T feature saves hand fatigue for those long welds. In "2 Touch" or 2T mode, the arc strikes when you pull the trigger and stops when you let up.

4T mode strikes the arc when you touch the trigger, stays on when you let up, goes off when you touch again, and stays off when you let up. The effect "locks" the trigger, so you don't have to keep pressing to continue welding. It's perfect for those long welding runs such as floor pans, body panels, and heating ducts—no more hand cramps from holding the trigger in for several minutes at a time.



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