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Primeweld MIG285 Wder

Primeweld MIG285 Wder

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The PrimeWeld MIG285 has all the power and versatility you could want.
At a max amperage of 285 amps, you can easily weld material up to 5/8 inch thick.

Add to this the fact that this machine is capable of four different processes — MIG, Flux Core, Lift Tig, and Stick — and you have the perfect all-in-one solution for your welding needs.

A Highly Versatile Portable Welding Machine

With this welding machine, you have access to four separate processes.

Straight MIG welding is perfect for high-speed welding in situations where “getting it done” is the most important thing.

Flux Core allows you to have the speed and ease of MIG welding in situations where shielding gas is unavailable.

When precision and control are of the utmost importance the Primeweld MIG285 is capable of delivering up to 285 amps of Lift TIG power at a 25% duty cycle.

Finally, whether you need something quick and dirty in the field or you need to rapidly change between types of metal being welded, nothing beats the flexibility and utility of good old-fashioned stick welding.

All of this, while weighing in under 60 lbs, makes the Primeweld MIG285 a truly multi-purpose unit. That you can easily move around the shop, or from job site to job site.

Save Fatigue On Your Trigger Finger With 2T/4T Toggle

The innovative 2T/4T toggle system on your Primeweld MIG285 allows you to easily change from a traditional two-touch trigger to a four-touch.

The two-touch system functions as you’re used to, pull the trigger to start welding and release to stop the weld.

In the four-touch mode once the weld has been started you can release the trigger and continue welding until the trigger is activated again or the welding arc is broken to stop the welding arc.


Our customer service makes it easy to connect with our team of GENUINE PEOPLE, who provide helpful advice and know-how to troubleshoot every PrimeWeld model for optimum performance.

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