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PrimeWeld Stick 160 Wder

PrimeWeld Stick 160 Wder

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The PrimeWeld STICK160 110v/220v Dual Voltage Stick Welder is very compact, near the size of a lunch box. It’s a super lightweight 12-pound 220v stick welder that has the 160-amp power to weld 3/8-inch steel. 

This 110v stick welder can run up to 120 amps, enough to weld a 1/4-inch plate. Also, the STICK160 is TIG-capable, giving you a choice of processes for every job. You’ll be able to weld sheet metal as thin as 24 gauge, a perfect time to use the TIG function.

Dual Voltage Feature

The STICK160's lightweight and compact size works well with its dual-voltage input power. Because it runs on either 120 or 240 volts, this is a great machine for those times you’re doing repairs for family and friends. Put this little box in the trunk with some leads, a batch of rods, and you’re on your way.

PrimeWeld includes an adapter pigtail to plug the 240-power cord into a 120 outlet. This convenient small stick welder lets you work just about anywhere because the STICK160 is generator-ready as well.


The Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) built into the electrode circuit lets you reduce the stick’s voltage when you’re not welding. The power at the exposed stick is lowered from 62 volts to 16 volts by touching a button. VRD lessens the danger of contacting the electrode when you’re working in tight or cluttered places.


Add a TIG welding kit to your STICK160, and you can handcraft those fine-quality welds the TIG process is known for, especially on auto body sheet metal. TIG is the way to finish visible joints when appearance is important, especially on an open framework like flower racks, gating, motorcycles, and outdoor furniture.


When you call PrimeWeld Customer Service, you get in touch with real PEOPLE, real quick. We’re easy to contact, know our stuff, and know how to keep every PrimeWeld model running right. If you have an issue, let us solve it.

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