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Primeweld TIG325X AC/DC TIG Welder With Foot Pedal

Primeweld TIG325X AC/DC TIG Welder With Foot Pedal

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The Primeweld 325X combines power and functionality so you can handle any project. Suitable for 120v or 240v input, this machine has a maximum output of 325A. Run tough beads with the stick function or use the torch to lay down beautiful TIG welds.

Create Flawless Welds On Steel or Aluminum

With the TIG325X, you can take on projects using almost any metal. The AC balance feature allows you to break through the oxidation layer of non-ferrous metals like aluminum and magnesium. With a DC setup, you can weld on carbon steel, stainless, and even cast iron.

Perfect for Light Fabrication or Industrial Welding

With a maximum stick welding output of 250A, the TIG325X can weld steel as thick as 1/2”. With the flip of a switch, you can go from running beads on structural steel to stacking dimes with the torch. Run a TIG root pass and burn rods for fill passes with just one machine.

All-In-One Control System for TIG Welding

With the TIG 325X, you can dial in your weld settings with a full assortment of adjustment options. This machine features individual knobs for:

  • Welding current
  • Power Switch on front
  • On demand Fan
  • 6010 Capable 
  • All parameters from Knobs will show on lcd Readout
  • AC start Amps 10
  • Upgrade Ground Clamp 
  • Pre-flow
  • Start current
  • Upslope
  • Base current
  • Pulses per second
  • Pulse duty
  • Downslope
  • End current
  • Post-flow
  • AC frequency
  • AC balance

The variety of setting adjustments gives you total control over your welding experience. Quickly adjust any setting with one easy motion to get your arc just right.

Water Cooler Compatible

Just because your welds run hot doesn’t mean your machine has to. The TIG 325X can power a water cooler to keep it from overheating. With a water cooler connected right to your welder, you can knock out jobs faster without having to stop and let your torch cool down.

Backed by the Legendary Primeweld 3-Year Warranty

When you become a Primeweld customer, you gain access to our legendary support team. Our support team is ready to advise you on your next project and answer questions about your machine. 

Primeweld is committed to helping every customer get the most out of their welding equipment. Up to three years after your purchase, we will replace any defective gear at no cost to you.

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